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The Perfect Parent August 4, 2011

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Another week is quickly wrapping up and it’s been a tough one. There have been lots of appointments, practices, and make-believing…but in the midst of it there was lots of stress, yelling and tears. Sometimes, ok…lots of times, I wish there was someone there to just tell me how to be the perfect mom. I want someone to tell me what to say to answer all the questions that get asked and give me the ideas and energy to do tons of baking and crafts with my kids. You know…I want someone to tell me how to be Carol Brady. So the week goes on and I make note that the laundry is growing much quicker than I can seem to keep up with, the van desperately needs to be cleaned, and my kids have watched way to much tv. But all these worries and stresses melt away when Kaylynn comes up to me and wants to snuggle. I then know that even though I lose my temper, she still knows that I love her with all my heart. And when Jackson cups his hand around Carsyn’s cheek and says, “Carsy(his name for her), do you want to play trains with me?”. I then know that even though I don’t always set a good example of caring for others, he knows how to do it. And when Carsyn comes up to my belly and says “baby” and kisses it. I then know that her heart is kind and caring even though I don’t always show kindness. I’ve always known that there were no perfect parents out there, but this week I really “got it”. When I’m not enough for them, God is. Even though I yell lose my temper, God still has them in His hand “un-doing” my crappy parenting and fixing all of my mistakes. Thank the Lord that He is the prefect parent and is there to help me through this journey. I will screw up again. I will yell, lose my temper and let my kids watch too much tv sometimes…BUT He will be there fill in the gaps and THAT is an awesome thing!!!!!


One Response to “The Perfect Parent”

  1. achih1076 Says:

    I’m a single dad to a daughter, and i gotta say! you’re absolutely right! children can drive us completely crazy but yes god is there to give a little hint here and there that we’ve done a great job as parents and that everything will be alright! it’s amazing isn’t it? 🙂

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