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We are alive!! January 7, 2012

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I know it has been forever since I’ve last updated, but there has been good reason! At the beginning of September, the kids and I traveled to Houston to prepare for our home birth. This was a month or so before Noah was due, but I didn’t want to be traveling 8 hours too close to my due date. Kevin had to work so he didn’t join us until a couple weeks before Noah was due. I was just sure that he was going to be early but much to our surprise, he was 5 days late! The birth was rough on me because I had horrible back labor again, but Noah Cauthen Pulley was born on October 27, 2011 at 12:35am. He weighed 10lbs 3oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.

(Kevin and I with our sweet midwife, Cathy)

Just a week after Noah was born Kevin had to be back at work so I was thrown right back into reality with four kids. It has definitely not been an easy transition. The two older kids have acted out a bit since Noah was born on top of him just being a very colicky baby. Poor guy hates everything..the car, sleeping, bouncing, you name it, he hates it! Lol! So needless to say, it’s been a rough transition for everyone and we aren’t done with it yet. Noah’s colic is much better than it was, but he still has his bad days.

Thanksgiving came next and we had my mom and brother and sisters come to our house for a few days. I was so glad to have some help with Noah.

We also got a great family picture while they were here. And when I say great, I mean nobody was crying…not even Noah. 🙂

Next up was Christmas! I think I mentioned before that Noah hates the carseat, so the 6 hour drive to my mom’s was no fun at all, but once we were there we had a blast.

So this brings us to the first of the year. I’m looking forward to what this year has in store. With all the craziness home schooling has taken a back seat a little but I’m hoping we can get back on track with it soon. We are also going to Disney World in September and will be booking our trip in a month or so. We are so excited! I know I say this often but I have every intention on updating this blog more often than I do…I’ll keep trying. 🙂


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