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Surviving military life with 4 children and a passion for saving money every way I possibly can!

About Me January 4, 2010

About Me

Hi there! My name is Kristin and my husband, Kevin, and I have three wonderful children(Kaylynn-born November 2006, Jackson-born March 2008, and Carsyn-born September 2009). We are children of God and strive to live for Him daily. My husband is and Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force and I stay home with the kids.


About this blog

Lucky for you I have many many passions and I hope through this blog, I can rub a little of those passions off on you! Couponing, meal planning, home schooling, cloth diapering, quilting, running, home birthing, and cake decorating are just a few. Tack on being a military wife and this life of mine can get crazy, but grab a drink and come along for the ride! You’ll be glad you did!



Kevin and I met in July of 2005 while we were both in the Air Force.  He quickly swept me off my feet and we were married in January of 2006. Two months later I was pregnant with our first baby and was due in November. We both knew right away that I should stay home with our children, so in September of 2006 I voluntarily separated from the Air Force. This was a huge step for us because our income was literally cut in half. It was at this time I started researching ways that I could make our now one paycheck stretch as far as two paychecks did. Starting with cloth diapering, I dove into other money saving ideas which has led me to where I am now. I sincerely hope that what I share in this blog encourages and blesses you beyond measure. 🙂


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I went to add myself to your followers…but where are they??? Help!

  2. Kristin, just wanted to say your cakes look great! Hope your new business is doing well. I understand the kids, housework, military lifestyle..I have three young boys of my own(another on the way), and my husband is in the Navy! I too make cakes and goodies all the time..just posted one today..hope to get more on my blog soon..stop by thislittlebirdie sometime! Best of Luck to you! Angie

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