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Activity Overload! December 9, 2010

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Whew! The week is almost over, yall! We have had a busy day! I decided to take all 3 kiddos to Barnes and Noble this morning to let them play with the trains and for story time. About 15 minutes into the outing, I suddenly remembered why I DON’T take them to story time more often. It’s always something even if you plan things out and are organized. I guess the important part was that they had fun, even if I added gray hairs to my head in the process. 😉  Since we went to story time in the morning, we moved school to the afternoon. I had so much planned for today, I almost didn’t get to start supper on time. So, here is what we did today…


We are continuing to study the letter “B”. Kaylynn used this tracing stencil to practice her writing. She really liked the guidance of this tool.

We worked on some free hand writing after that.

While Kaylynn was doing this, Jackson was coloring “B”ob the tomato(from Veggie Tales). He looks really excited about this, huh? LOL!

Coloring Bob didn’t last too long, so we played with some magnetic letters.

He found the letter “B”!!

We can’t have school without a “B”ible story. Today we learned about “B”arnabas. Again, Jackson wasn’t really thrilled with the coloring…

Kaylynn and Jackson had the most fun doing our “B”ubble painting. I found this idea in one of my preschool books. Before we started I emphasized NOT to suck on the straw but to blow OUT of the straw. Jackson did great, but Kaylynn took a big swig of blue soapy water. It was priceless! I was hoping the final product would come out a little darker. Oh well!

“Memory” was last on the agenda for Kaylynn and Jackson today. I’ve never brought it out for them before(I know…bad mommy!) so I didn’t know how they would do. I gave Jackson 6 cards and Kaylynn had 12. They both LOVED it! We will definitely be doing this again…soon!

He found a match!!

And while ALLLLLL that was going on, Carsyn was playing with my version of a sensory box. All of the items in the “B”ox started with the letter “B”. It included, “B”ells, a “B”aby, “B”uzz, a “B”ook, “B”locks, a “B”us, and “B”ob the tomato. The bells were her FAVORITE!!! She played with this box for the whole hour and a half that we were doing school. I was amazed!

Even with all the bumps in the road today, I am so blessed to have these three gorgeous children. I’m amazed everyday at how much they learn. They truly are a blessing from God!



Another Hobby!! May 17, 2010

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I’ve found another love! (not like I NEED something else to do!)  For Mother’s Day, I got a cake decorating kit. I’ve always made the kid’s birthday cakes, but it was nothing extravagant. But I’ve found the love to make BIG cakes that look awesome! 😀  I helped throw a baby shower a couple days ago and these are the cakes I made for it.

I also made these cookies!

I also love to quilt. I made this for baby Addison.

I have another something special in the works, but you’ll have to wait to see it! 🙂


Thank Goodness for Non-Toxic Paint! March 6, 2010

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The pictures say it all!


Colors Colors Everywhere! January 11, 2010

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When the kids woke up from nap Kaylynn said she wanted to paint and “masterpiece”(her words!). So I got out the paint, stripped them down and to town they went! Here are a few pics of the messy activity…