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On Our Way To Freedom! January 29, 2011

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Financial freedom, that is! Ever heard of Dave Ramsey or Financial Peace University? If you haven’t, you MUST buy his books, DVD’s, etc. and learn how free YOU can be!

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I am so so excited to write this post today! We just received our tax return and were able to pay off a good amount of our debt! 🙂 This is what we were able to pay off so far:

Credit Card #1 : $2026.00

Credit Card #2 : $3000.00

Military Star Card : $1893.17

Care Credit(from my wisdom teeth removal) : $476.40

Grand Total : $7395.57

We are $7395.57 lighter and it feels AWESOME!!! We will get Kevin’s re-enlistment bonus in March and we will pay the remaining $1500.00 balance on credit card #2 and put $1000.00 in our emergency fund. We will also put half of our six month expense fund in savings. Once we get six months of expenses in savings, paying off the van will be the next priority.

I’m telling yall, you NEED to get these books and read them. Just reading them will give you this high that you didn’t know was possible. A high that comes with knowing, it’s never too late to have financial freedom. You can climb out from under the piles of bills and credit cards and live the life you WANT to live.

This is a new start for our family and I’m looking forward to this adventure. I’d love to have others join us! Come on….you *know* you want to! 😉

If you have any questions about this process, please ask. We’d love to help anyone willing to take it!