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Happy Halloween! October 30, 2010

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Growing up in a Christian house, we did not celebrate Halloween. We would go to our church’s Harvest Festival to get out of the house on Halloween. We would play games and get candy and treat at the Harvest Festival but nobody dressed up. If you didn’t know the date, you would have never guessed it was actually Halloween. Well, now that I have kids of my own, I’ve been going back and forth on what I really believe. Just the other day I was talking a my dear friend, Mike, about this very subject, and ended the conversation just as confused as when we started it. A little later that day I came across this blog post, and I felt like God was finally clearing my mind on this subject. I read the post to Kevin and we talked it over, then came to the conclusion that it IS ok for the kids to have good clean fun. So, that’s how we kept it this Halloween…clean fun! Here are my cute little kiddos giraffe, cheeseburger, and ladybug. 😉

This is the best I can ever get of all 3 kids together!