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Pulley Prep : Our Set Up August 18, 2011

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Well, our first week of home schooling is quickly wrapping up and it’s been awesome!! Luckily kindergarten isn’t too complicated so there aren’t too many kinks to work out.  😉  But trying to give 3 kids my one on one attention all at the same time is a bit tricky and something that I’m still working on. I will get Carsyn settled with blocks or lacing  beads and then get Jackson working on his work, THEN I get to Kaylynn and work with her. Of course as soon as I’m just sitting down with Kaylynn to help her, Jack is yelling that he is all done with his page and needs something else to do. LOL! So needless to say, I haven’t gotten many pictures of the kids working on their assignments yet, but I’m sure that will come as I learn to juggle my attention to all the kids better. For now, I will show you our home school room and how everything is set up.


Our home school room is also our “guest room”…meaning our spare bed is in there. But everything else in the room is for home school. Here is our room from the door way.

The Dora desk is Carsyn’s desk, the Seasame Street desk is Jackson’s and Kaylynn sits at the big table with me. Above the big table we have our “Morning Board” hanging up. On our morning board is the Pledge of Allegiance, Letter of the Week, our address and phone number, state of the week and it’s flag, shape of the week, color of the week, day of the week, and the Scripture of the week. Below the morning board is a calendar and beside that is our weather chart. We chart the weather daily. The kids love going over this every morning!

This is the storage area. Sometimes I feel like it’s kinda chaotic in this corner, but I haven’t figured out a better way to rearrange it yet so for now, this is how it is. I have all of our books(curriculum books, preschool workbooks, chapter books, etc) and extra supplies(paper, crayons, glue, etc) here. I’ve also got Carsyn’s blocks, lacing beads and other activities here. The cork board on the wall will soon be filed with arts and crafts that the kids complete.

So there you have it. This is where we spend a couple hours every morning. I’m sure things will change up a bit as we go on through the year and find things that work better for us. I’m hoping to get a post showing the “curriculum” that we are using up soon.


Pulley Prep August 13, 2011

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The time has almost come! We are starting our official home schooling year on Monday. I am scared, nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. I think to myself, “can I really do this?? Surely I can’t screw up kindergarten…or can I?” But it doesn’t take long to calm myself down and know that I *CAN* do this, and I’m sooooo excited about it!


I added a new tab at the top of the home page just for our home school adventure. I’m really hoping I’m not biting off more than I can chew by trying to take pictures of everything we are doing…I guess time will tell 😉  Wish us luck!!


On a completely different side note…I’m 30 weeks pregnant today! Where in the world did the time go? Only 10 weeks till we see our new little man. ❤


Back in the Groove July 29, 2011

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We are finally settled in our house and seem to have somewhat of a routine. This will be only be our second weekend in our house with no visitors. I need this down time. Our garage is still a hot mess and in desperate need of organization so that’s what we’ll be working on this weekend.  🙂


Since summer is almost over, I’ve been thinking about the kids school a lot. We got Kaylynn’s kindergarten(I can’t believe she’s in kindergarten!) books in and I’ve been a busy bee getting the home school room ready. It’s just about done and I’m so excited to get started. With Noah being due at the end of October, I need to sit down and figure out how our year will look…soon!


T-ball just started for Kaylynn and Jackson. They’ve really seemed to enjoy it so far. Jackson was in desperate need of an activity that he could do because he was always complaining about sitting through Kaylynn’s dance class. I can’t wait to see them in their team shirts running around the bases at their first game.


Life is good here. We are really enjoying being on the coast and we’re just patiently waiting for the next member of our family. It feels good to be back in the groove. 🙂



Weekend Wrap-Up January 23, 2011

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This week/weekend has been pretty boring. There has been lots of laundry, diaper changes, vacuuming, dish washing, dusting, sweeping…you know, the usual. Kaylynn and Jackson have been helping with chores a lot more this week. I’m taking advantage of this now, while they LIKE to help and don’t complain. 😉  Carsyn, of course, comes right behind us and tears everything up again. But good grief…she is so dang cute while she’s doing it.


Kaylynn and Jackson finally finished up learning the letter “C”. I have been so lazy with it, I think it took us 3 weeks to actually finish AND I took no pictures! *bad mommy* The first two weeks we only did school once or twice a week. Anyways, I’m really excited about this upcoming week. I’ve got a few new things to introduce. I know they(Kaylynn especially) will be excited about it. I’m hoping I’ll be on my game this week and remember to bring the camera out during school time.


I suppose the biggest news from this week is that Kevin won Airman of the Year for his squadron!! He went before a board on Friday to compete for Airman of the Year for the wing(the whole base). We won’t know if he won till the awards banquet on February 4th, but I’m very hopeful that he did. He said he felt like the process went really well. I will, of course, update as soon as I know for sure.


And last but not least, Kevin and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on Thursday. We celebrated with great fondue and lots of laughs.

Kevin and I, 5 beautiful years ago


This turned into a week wrap up instead of a weekend wrap up. Oh well…that’s how I roll. 😉


Saturday School Summary November 5, 2010

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We started home schooling this week! I know it’s much later than everyone else, but it is pre-school, so it’s flexible. What I’ve decided to do is focus on one letter a week. So, as you’ve probably guessed, this week’s letter was “A”.

Kaylynn and Jackson both really enjoyed school this week. Jackson did a lot of coloring while Kaylynn did her work books, but he loved singing the “A” song and doing the alligator, astronaut and “A” craft.

And this is what Carsyn does while Kaylynn and Jackson work on school. I love this girl to pieces!

We can’t wait to start on the letter “B” next week! I see bunnies, bumble bees and bears in our near future. 😉