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Pulley Prep : Our Set Up August 18, 2011

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Well, our first week of home schooling is quickly wrapping up and it’s been awesome!! Luckily kindergarten isn’t too complicated so there aren’t too many kinks to work out. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†But trying to give 3 kids my one on one attention all at the same time is a bit tricky and something that I’m still working on. I will get Carsyn settled with blocks or lacing ¬†beads and then get Jackson working on his work, THEN I get to Kaylynn and work with her. Of course as soon as I’m just sitting down with Kaylynn to help her, Jack is yelling that he is all done with his page and needs something else to do. LOL! So needless to say, I haven’t gotten many pictures of the kids working on their assignments yet, but I’m sure that will come as I learn to juggle my attention to all the kids better. For now, I will show you our home school room and how everything is set up.


Our home school room is also our “guest room”…meaning our spare bed is in there. But everything else in the room is for home school. Here is our room from the door way.

The Dora desk is Carsyn’s desk, the Seasame Street desk is Jackson’s and Kaylynn sits at the big table with me. Above the big table we have our “Morning Board” hanging up. On our morning board is the Pledge of Allegiance, Letter of the Week, our address and phone number, state of the week and it’s flag, shape of the week, color of the week, day of the week, and the Scripture of the week. Below the morning board is a calendar and beside that is our weather chart. We chart the weather daily. The kids love going over this every morning!

This is the storage area. Sometimes I feel like it’s kinda chaotic in this corner, but I haven’t figured out a better way to rearrange it yet so for now, this is how it is. I have all of our books(curriculum books, preschool workbooks, chapter books, etc) and extra supplies(paper, crayons, glue, etc) here. I’ve also got Carsyn’s blocks, lacing beads and other¬†activities¬†here. The cork board on the wall will soon be filed with arts and crafts that the kids complete.

So there you have it. This is where we spend a¬†couple¬†hours every morning. I’m sure things will change up a bit as we go on through the year and find things that work better for us. I’m hoping to get a post showing the “curriculum”¬†that¬†we are using up soon.