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Weekend Wrap-Up January 23, 2011

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This week/weekend has been pretty boring. There has been lots of laundry, diaper changes, vacuuming, dish washing, dusting, sweeping…you know, the usual. Kaylynn and Jackson have been helping with chores a lot more this week. I’m taking advantage of this now, while they LIKE to help and don’t complain. 😉  Carsyn, of course, comes right behind us and tears everything up again. But good grief…she is so dang cute while she’s doing it.


Kaylynn and Jackson finally finished up learning the letter “C”. I have been so lazy with it, I think it took us 3 weeks to actually finish AND I took no pictures! *bad mommy* The first two weeks we only did school once or twice a week. Anyways, I’m really excited about this upcoming week. I’ve got a few new things to introduce. I know they(Kaylynn especially) will be excited about it. I’m hoping I’ll be on my game this week and remember to bring the camera out during school time.


I suppose the biggest news from this week is that Kevin won Airman of the Year for his squadron!! He went before a board on Friday to compete for Airman of the Year for the wing(the whole base). We won’t know if he won till the awards banquet on February 4th, but I’m very hopeful that he did. He said he felt like the process went really well. I will, of course, update as soon as I know for sure.


And last but not least, Kevin and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on Thursday. We celebrated with great fondue and lots of laughs.

Kevin and I, 5 beautiful years ago


This turned into a week wrap up instead of a weekend wrap up. Oh well…that’s how I roll. 😉