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Two Lines March 2, 2011

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Lines are everywhere. They make up the sides of shapes that we use in everyday life. They give us boundaries. They give us security. They link things together. Lines make OCD people(like myself) be able to easily organize and put things “just so”. Line are at the store, on the road, at the park, in your house, and on your clothes. All of these lines make up your life in one way or another. But there are two lines that will change you forever. They will send what you now know as normal into a spiraling different “normal”(not that a spiraling different normal is bad). These two lines define you as a whole different person. They fill you with something that literally pours out of you. These lines are breathtaking. They are a miracle. They are life.

Our family is so happy to announce that we are welcoming Baby Pulley #4 into our family in October. This was completely unexpected but a blessing! I will keep everyone posted as the pregnancy progresses. 🙂